Membership Options and Information

Family Membership: $375 *See New Members Below

This is the most common membership option which includes the Primary Adults as well as dependents.

Primary Adults are the adult members that share the same legal address.

Dependents are defined as those children under the care and custody of the primary adults of the household to the age of 18 or those between the ages of 19-24 who are enrolled in school. Dependents also include locally residing grandchildren of the primary adults and exchange students.  Children 10 & under must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or a designated babysitter at least 15 years of age when visiting the pool.  Babysitters are also allowed to be added to this membership as a special guest of the children.  A non-member who serves as a babysitter will only be given unpaid special guest access when they accompany the children without the children’s parents.


Single Membership: $225 *See New Members Below

A “Single Membership” is one that includes only the one person named.  No dependents or others can be included.


Senior Membership: $200 *See New Members Below

The “Senior Membership” can include up to two people only in the same household, one of which has reached the age of 60 before the due date for the season.  No dependents or others can be included.  To switch to this senior membership, you will need to request this change and send a copy of a legal document showing your age as at least 60.


*New Members: $150.00 additional fee (MAINTENANCE FEE) is required for new members for the 1st & 2nd year.

New members are welcome to join at any time.  New members must pay a $150.00 pool maintenance fee in addition to their annual membership dues for each of the first 2 years of membership.








Inactive Status: Annual Cost $75.00

A member who WILL NOT BE USING the Association's facilities during a season may elect the Inactive Status by paying the inactive fee of $75.00 before the cutoff date for the season. This will preserve your membership for the season at the current type, your account will not be marked as Delinquent for the season and you will not have to rejoin at the new member rate.


Guest Access:

A “guest” is defined as any person who is not included with a current membership.  All guests must be accompanied by an active Association member 15 years or older when participating in normal pool recreation or while on Association property.  Guests are not members of the Association and are not afforded any of the rights or privileges of Association membership.   Guests are limited to 6 at one time per membership, unless pre-approved by pool management.  A guest visiting the pool on a daily basis may use the facilities a maximum of 15 times per season.  Guest passes are sold individually for $5.00 or in a 10 pack for $35.00.  There is also an option for out of town guests who are staying with members as a weekly household pass for $20.00. (See the Lifeguards for guest passes)



Members who do not wish to continue their membership for the future need to submit a request of resignation to the Association before the cutoff date of the season.

“Stock holding members” who do not wish to continue their membership for the future need to submit a request of resignation to the Association before the cutoff date of the season along with their stock certificate.  The Board MUST receive your stock certificate in order to issue a refund check.  Once the Board has approved the resignation of a "member in good standing" (account up to date and no outstanding fees), a check refunding the member's stock payment will be mailed to the resigning member within one year of the resignation.  If the member's account reflects any outstanding fees, those fees shall be deducted from the stock reimbursement.


Delinquent Accounts:

Any member whose account is in arrears after the cutoff date for the season will not be allowed access to the pool, facilities, or programs until the account is settled.  If your account is delinquent, you must pay all fees including late fees before any future use of the pool.



Each year all members must complete a registration form (either on-line or a printed version) and pay their annual dues. 


Registration and payment of Membership dues and fees are due May 1. Payments arriving/postmarked after the cutoff date of May 15 will incur a $25 late fee


If paying by Credit Card a 3.5% processing fee is included.

Become a new member, renew or change your existing membership.

Mail Checks & Registration forms to:

Windy Point Recreation Association
ATTN: Membership
P.O. Box 1377
Yorktown, VA 23692


There are currently three active membership types available to choose from (Family, Single, and Senior).